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6I Character Bio

Name: Sansa Stark
Canon: Game of Thrones (TV)
Scrubs Color: Black
Visible Age: Late teens/early twenties
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10
Physique: Tall, slender and womanly.
Complexion: Creamy, pale skin
Hygiene: Well groomed and clean
Hair: Thick auburn hair
Eyes: Bright blue eyes
Defining Marks: None
Accent/Speech: English accent
Bearing/Demeanor: She acts very much like a noble lady; well behaved
Gait: Graceful, good posture, moves quickly and quietly
Habits: She tends to watch everything going on around her. Plays with her hands.
Skills: Skilled seamstress and well taught in other traditional lady activities like music, stitching, reading and so on. She has a political mind as well.


"Survivor" - a person who copes well with the difficulties in their life.

It's a fitting definition that could easily apply to Sansa; the eldest of Stark girls who was forced to grow up in a manner that not normal girls did. As a result, those experiences have left behind some deep scars.. But Sansa has learned to endure and thus take those experiences to build a more profound sense of inner strength.

Before all that though, Sansa was a sheltered, spoiled young girl that had no idea how violent or cruel the world could really be. She had grown up believing in fairy tales, mostly the good ones where mostly everyone have good hearts and kind natures. She wanted to grow up, marry her 'white knight' and spend the rest of her life being his happy wife. So when she believed that she had an opportunity to achieve that dream by marrying Joffrey Baratheon, she was persistent and almost demanding in being allowed to achieve that goal. In a way, she almost felt it was 'owed' to her. Back then, Sansa was too naive to realize how life didn't work that way..

That sweet, innocent and naive nature wouldn't last long in King's Landing though. Despite being coerced into pleading with her father to confess guilt even though he was innocent, Sansa's first cold dose of reality was the sight of her father being beheaded in front of her under Joffrey's command. Later, Joffrey made her look at her father's head on a spike and ordered a knight to hit her when she showed the tiniest hint of rebellion. This was her first step in the long time of physical, mental and emotional abuse that she would suffer because of him. Soon she realized that being a Prince or a King didn't translate into being a good person and it led her to realize that her father wasn't the fool that she believed him to be when she was angry with him at the end. She saw that Ned had been a rare type of leader who believed in honor and being good to those around him.

She also learned that hardly anyone would stop Joffrey from the horrible things he would do to her. She experienced this in all the times that Joffrey would humiliate her or order a knight to beat her in front of a room filled with people and hardly anyone would step in. She learned to be selective in who she trusted and how to handle herself in front of others.

But where most people would break under such treatment, Sansa learned to play the game by using her wits and the fact that everyone was clearly underestimating her, something she felt attributed to the fact she was a Stark. While some dismissed her as being an empty-headed, foolish girl and she used that to her advantage. While she couldn't completely avoid Joffrey and the sadistic joy he felt in tormenting her, Sansa learned to play that certain role and to do it well. She did it so well that it earned her the nickname "Little Bird" from The Hound. There was also the one time Tyrion Lannister asked her if she wanted to be free of her engagement to Joffrey and her response was that she was loyal to her one true love. The response earned her a measure of respect from the Imp and he became one of the few to care about her well-being.

Despite the earned nickname referring to her as a little bird, Sansa is truly a wolf of the North. She has a sharp tongue and a steely resolve that she inherited from her father but a quiet, calculating and political mind that is definitely more like her mother's. When she finally gets away from King's Landing with Petyr Baelish's help, she allows more and more of her true nature to come out. She shows how good she has become at reading people, using her learned skills to manipulate a small group of nobles into believing Petyr was innocent in her aunt's death. She also lets Petyr know that she is aware of what he wants from her and is willing to use it to get what she wants.

That doesn't mean Sansa is heartless or cruel by nature. Even as she grows up and is shaped by her experiences, she still longs for love and a happy life. She also has a desire to be reunited with whatever family she has left. She is unaware of the fact that Bran and Rickon are still alive at the time she is coming into the game but she hopes Arya is still alive and knows Jon is at Castle Black. She wants there to be a day when she can reclaim Winterfell and have the Starks be in the North again.


What skills does your character bring to the situation?: Truthfully, there are few physical skills that Sansa possesses. Cautious by nature, she didn't learn to climb, hunt or even fight like her siblings were expected to or did despite resistance from their parents. That doesn't mean she is useless though. Sansa is a skilled seamstress, proving to be quite good at making clothes and even cloaks with fur lining. Being from the North, she also knows how to make clothes to help people keep warm during the cold weather.

She is also good in situations that require diplomacy and tact. She has been learning to play the 'game' for awhile now and she has learned from the best during her time at King's Landing. Petyr Baelish had once told her that she was a horrible liar but admitted near the end of their journey that she had learned a lot.

Sansa is excellent at enduring difficult situations. To put it plainly, she is a survivor.

Explain how your character would react to the following:

- Discovering that their memories may have been tampered with:
This would be a situation that Sansa has never dealt with before. At first, she probably wouldn't believe that it was possible but she could be swayed to see the truth. After she does, she will use caution as she tries to figure out how or why her memories had been tampered with. She will try to regain those memories but she will never let it slip what she is doing. She has learned to hide her thoughts and her worries as well as her plans.

- Having to do physical labor to survive: Sansa will be very unsure about this at first but only because she has never been expected to do physical labor to survive before. Being a high born lady, even one in the North, she has been somewhat pampered for most of her life. But Sansa doesn't like feeling useless or like she is a burden to anyone. She has seen what life can be like when she is left to the mercy of others, so she would definitely want to learn to stand on her own two feet. Or at least how to work with others if that is needed to.

So there will be a bit of pain, maybe some tears when she is alone, but she will do her best to learn. She is a survivor and she is stubborn, so those will work in her favor.

- Having to share resources with others: This will be a rather easy task for Sansa. Having grown up in the North where the mentality is that "The North Remembers" and that they look after their own, she will find it natural to share resources with others. It's also been bred into her as her mother and father were the type to look out for others.

Of course, that's only if she gets along with someone. If there is someone that Sansa doesn't like, she might resist the idea of sharing resources with them (depending on their issue) until the problem can be resolved.

- Being unable to leave the area: Truly, the fact that she wouldn't be allowed to leave the area won't bother Sansa as much as it might bother other people. She won't be exactly pleased with the prospect but she is used to being confined to a large area as well as the idea of being a prisoner. So the idea of being stuck won't be so shocking to her. Add in the fact that she will have her brothers and someone she counted as a friend? It's already far better than King's Landing in her mind.

- Doing without modern conveniences and technology and/or being around tech more advanced than they're used to: Coming from the world she is from, Sansa isn't used to "modern conveniences and technology". On the opposite end of that, she will be a little wide eyed and surprised by the more advanced technology than she is used to. She will find a lot of it wondrous and exciting as long as it's mostly harmless. Any sort of weapons (like guns) will make her wary even though she would see how they could be useful. But if there are toilets and showers? Sign her up.

- Being separated, possibly permanently, from loved ones and their previous life, including loss of powers, if applicable: Sansa has no powers, so she wouldn't be bothered there. Being separated from loved ones is unfortunately something she is used to. That doesn't make it any less painful but her experience with that will give her an edge over other people. It sounds heartless but that's how Sansa has learned to survive. She has learned to expect to be on her own and not to really trust anyone.

Being away from her previous life could be a good thing for her or so she would believe. Especially considering what she came from and what she is walking into back home. As long as no one expects her to get married to someone she hates? She figures she will be fine.